Time To Gamble: Hardcore Only

Time To Gamble: Hardcore Only

19 juli 2020 18:15 – 19 juli 2020 22:30

Somewhere far from here, the darkness tries to call us. They want us to rule the night, to make the sacrifices that need te be made. It’s the darkness that wants to get us out of the light. We need to battle. It’s time to gamble. Come and join us on this special night and help us battle the darkest hardcore beats. We’ve made a line-up of DJ’s who will be able to defeat the darkness.

Refuzer vs. Lady Error
Nielos vs. La Ravage
D-Wez vs. The Yakuzah

Hosted by MC The Viking & MC Noizecreator

To realize this in connection with the corona virus there are a number of household changes:
* For example, we have added a number of check questions to the ticket system
* Upon entering everyone should disinfect his / her hands
* There are walking routes that you have to follow
* Wash hands after visiting the toilet
* Sneezing in the elbow
* No shaking / kissing / hugging hands
* Keep 1.5 meters distance
* If you are unwell or have a cold, stay at home
* We have large inflatable ducks of 1.5 meters in size, visitors should sit on them, of course you can get drinks, go to the toilet or smoke outside.

We understand better than anyone that these rules can be experienced as annoying, but how great is it that the PKHS can finally open again and we can enjoy a drink, music and people around us.

We therefore insist that everyone observes these rules and that we can responsibly enjoy a party again.


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